Memorial Day

Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery,which covers over 6 miles of beach near Point Piedras Blancas.The viewing areas are open daily,are wheelchair and stroller accessible and are free.You can see elephant seals mating and pupping and then see the (relatively) tiny babies.Don't forget jackets,as the best time to see babies is January & February,and if you're warm enough,you can spend all day here.Nearby is Hearst Castlewith 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens,terraces,pools and walkways.On the tram up to the castle,keep an eye out the window for zebras!Last stop is down to Pismo Beach(a great little beach town with many family and budget friendly hotels,not to mention amazing cinnamon buns) and the largest Monarch Butterfly Grovein the state.Docents are available for talks,as are telescopes to better spot the insects chilling in clusters in Eucalyptus trees.Look closely.At 金博宝网站first glance,the butterfly tree clusters look like dried leaves,but then they start to move and you realize the trees are actually made of butterfly wings!!

For moreCentral Coast adventures (including a goat farm,for more animal adventures) cehck out our guide.

Online:monarchbutterfly.org,, elephantseal.org&hearstcastle.org

photo: Meghan Rose

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