Washington state takes safety seriously and that's why a new law is being pushed through that could keep kids inbooster seats through middle school.Yes,parents,你珍贵的货物很可能是乘坐助推器的方式通过八年级。

如果你觉得这很疯狂,you'll probably want to check out why State Governor Jay Inslee is pushing stricter car seat regulations.Thenew rules紧密地结合起来的American Academy of Pediatrics statement on child passenger safetyand will prevent injuries in older children associated with poorly fitted seatbelts.


Under the new law,all children under the age of 12 and shorter than four feet,nine inches to remain in a booster seat.众议院法案1012要求孩子们坐在加高座椅上,直到腰带和肩带都合适为止,这通常适用于8到12岁的孩子。any child under the age of 13 must sit in the back seat––(sorry,tweens!).

Children two and under will have to remain rear-facing until they reach the required height and weight set by the seat manufacturer.然后,两到四岁的孩子可以面向前方骑车,直到他们达到助推器的高度和重量要求。2到4岁的儿童可以坐在前向的汽车安全带座椅上,直到他们达到加高座椅的要求。

The new law goes into effect Jan.1,2020年,不适用于公共汽车,航天飞机或租用车辆。While this particular law is specific to Washington,we'd imagine the rest of the country is bound to follow suit in some way in the future.


是的,we are acknowledging that while the safety of all kids is a priority,we can't deny it might give the kids reason your kids want you to drop them off at school around the corner.



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