Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated on February 4,2013.


  • Red Tricycle Inc.("Red Tricycle") respects your privacy and understands the concerns you may have regarding how we may use personally identifiable information.  This privacy policy identifies and describes the types of personally identifiable information we may collect from or about you when you visit the Red Tricycle website,我们如何使用这些信息,以及当我们与第三方共享这些信息时。通过使用我们的网站,you consent to the collection and use of this information by Red Tricycle.  You make the decision whether or not to proceed with any activity that requests personally identifiable information,but please be aware that if you choose not to provide the information requested,you may not be able to use certain features of our site or services.
  • Please read this privacy policy in its entirety.  We reserve the right to modify,改变,or otherwise update this policy at any time,and we encourage you to check back periodically so that you are always aware of the most current policies and practices that Red Tricycle has in place to protect your personally identifiable information.

What Information Does Red Tricycle Gather About You?

  • 个人身份信息:我们可以向您收集个人身份信息,including your name,email address,physical address,phone number,支付卡信息和性别当您从事以下任何活动时:通过我们的网站订购红色三轮车产品;sign up to receive promotional materials via mail or email;or participate in a contest,促销或调查。我们从您那里收集的一些个人身份信息,including your name,address,phone number,email address,and payment card information,需要处理您的在线购买,响应您的请求,与您联系,了解您的在线购买情况,必要时。我们可以收集有关您个人或专业利益的信息,人口统计学的,past experience with Red Tricycle products and services,详细的联系人偏好或其他个人识别信息。We may also collect publicly available information about you from other sources,比如报纸上的信息,金博宝官网blogs,and commercial websites or third party data aggregators;我们可以使用这些信息来补充我们维护的您的个人身份信息。我们也可以收集您自愿在网站上披露的个人身份信息,absent any request from us.
  • Automated Information: When you visit the Red Tricycle website,our web servers may automatically collect information that describes how our visitors use and navigate our website.  This information includes the number and frequency of visitors to each web page and the length of their stays,以及您的网络浏览器自动发送给我们的信息,比如你的访问日期和时间,your IP address,the web pages and images that you request,the search engine you used to access the website,previous websites you viewed,the type of Internet browser you use,the computer operating system you use.  Examples of other non-personally identifiable information that we may collect include your purchases,cookies,web beacons and information concerning your food preferences.  This enables us to enhance your browsing and shopping experience by tailoring information to fit your personal preferences.

A Special Note About Cookies

  • Some pages of our website use cookies.Cookies are small pieces of software which are issued to your computer or device and which store and sometimes track information about your use of the site.通过使用本网站,您同意我们使用cookie,如下所述。
  • Most of our cookies are necessary for operation of the website or service that you request as a user of the website,比如记住登录信息,在同一会话中导航回某个页面时可能输入的文本。我们还使用cookie提供您可以在网站上访问的可选功能和功能。例如,a cookie can help us identify whether you have used our website in the past.We use cookies to customize and personalize the website based on preferences you may have expressed either directly by selecting an option or setting or indirectly by your prior use.We also use cookies that collect information about how you use the website to analyze and optimize the performance of the website in order to give you a better user experience.In some cases,particularly with respect to measuring and analyzing performance of the website,cookies may be placed by our third party service providers.
  • 我们和我们的第三方合作伙伴也可以使用网络信标,also known as clear GIFs or pixel tags,帮助更好地管理网站上的内容。Web beacons are tiny,clear graphics that are embedded invisibly on web pages.They are used to understand and monitor online movements of users so that we may better understand and improve their experiences on the website.In contrast to cookies,存储在用户的计算机硬盘上,web beacons are not stored on a user's computer or device.
  • We may partner with a third party ad network to either display our advertising on our website or to manage our advertising on other sites.我们的广告网络合作伙伴可以使用cookie,脚本,网络信标或其他技术,收集有关您在此网站和其他网站上的活动信息,根据您的兴趣为您提供有针对性的广告。
  • We may analyze and share information collected through cookies with third parties,如红色三轮车的子公司,附属公司,business partners,服务提供商,and in marketing materials.
  • Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but,if you prefer,您可以采取某些步骤来控制cookie的使用,方法是修改浏览器以拒绝cookie或在cookie发送到硬盘时通知您。您可以在以下网址了解更多关于cookies和管理方式的信息:http://www.allaboutcookies.org/.请注意,限制网站上的cookie可能会影响网站的功能和性能。

Content You Post

  • Please be aware that any messages,你在我们网站上发布的信息或材料不是私人的,are public,and are subject to the terms of this policy.请不要向我们的网站提交任何您希望保密或安全的信息。我们不控制或定期审查信息,information or materials posted in the message boards.这是您使用留言板和不上传到的网站的一个条件,post,向网站或通过网站分发或传输任何信息,以任何方式侵犯或侵犯他人权利的信息或材料;or which are libelous,诽谤的,obscene,色情的,威胁的,abusive,违法或以其他方式违反任何法律,or encourage such conduct,或者没有我们的明确书面同意,contains advertising or any commercial solicitation;张贴或传播任何含有病毒或其他有害成分的材料;restrict or inhibit anyone from using and enjoying the message boards.

How Does Red Tricycle Use Your Information?

  • We may use information you provide to us for a variety of purposes,including the following: to process purchases,refunds,exchanges,and other transactions;to contact you about questions or communications regarding your order;回复客户服务咨询;to contact you about new products,services,特殊活动和促销活动(除非您根据“如何访问或更改您的信息”另行选择)本隐私政策部分):帮助我们了解您的购物偏好;to help us improve our website,products,服务和其他产品;and to otherwise enhance your shopping experience.
  • 我们也可以分享我们收集的信息,including personally identifiable information,with third parties to market Red Tricycle products to you.我们这样做,however,provide our users a choice as to whether or not they would like to receive marketing or promotional communications.用户还可以通过我们的电子邮件通讯随时收到有关产品和服务的最新信息。金博宝官网用户可以随时选择不接收这些通信。
  • 红色三轮车和别人分享你的信息吗?
  • 除本隐私政策所述之外,we do not sell,租金,将您的个人身份信息出租或以其他方式分发给第三方。
  • All personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information we collect about you may be shared with our affiliates,subsidiaries,分销商,retailers or marketers of Red Tricycle' products,可用于装运产品的红色三轮车合作伙伴和/或服务提供商,provide technical support,处理订单处理,或以其他方式代表红色三轮车销售和提供红色三轮车产品,管理和运营网站和我们的业务,发送营销和促销信息。
  • We may also share personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information about you with unaffiliated third parties that collect,管理,analyze or maintain data on our behalf,including website hosting service providers,支付处理器,freight forwarders,carriers,开展或管理我们的营销和促销活动的公司,以及代表我们提供服务的其他第三方(例如,发送促销和其他通信,进行竞赛和调查)。
  • 当我们认为需要(i)遵守法律时,我们也可以与第三方分享您的信息,regulations and/or government policies;(ii)遵从法庭命令,legal processes,or government enforcement actions;(iii) establish or exercise our legal rights,protect our rights and interests and those of our other users,或针对法律要求进行辩护;或(iv)检测,调查,防止,或对非法活动采取行动,suspected fraud or misconduct,证券或技术问题,situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person,or violations of our terms of use or privacy policies.
  • In the event that we,或我们的任何附属公司或子公司,are involved in a business transaction such as a merger,收购,合并,a reorganization,清算,or any form of sale of all or a portion of our stock or assets,我们可以将您的个人身份信息转让给买方。

How Can You Access or Change Your Information?

  • 您可以访问,review and edit the personally identifiable information that you provide to us online.您也可以要求我们使用本隐私政策“联系信息”部分提供的信息与我们联系,以更新您的个人身份信息或通信首选项。请注意,任何更新您的信息的请求可能需要30天的处理时间,并且您可能会继续收到通信从红色三轮车使用之前提供的信息,直到您的请求生效。
  • 此外,you may opt-out from use of your personally identifiable information collected online for the purpose of sending such marketing or promotional communications at any time by following the unsubscribe instruction contained within each of the 金博宝官网newsletters or promotional communications you receive.

[How Does Red Tricycle Protect Your Information?]

  • Transactions placed online are processed through a third party vendor that uses Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") technology to protect your personally identifiable information.  SSL encrypts your order information,including your name,address,and payment card number before it is transmitted online.]
  • Of course,the security of any data transmission over the internet cannot be guaranteed,任何你发送给我们的信息都有你自己的风险。

Notification of Changes

  • 如果我们做出任何实质性的改变,导致个人身份信息的使用方式不同于收集时所述的方式,we will 金博宝网站first attempt to notify you via e-mail and provide you with the choice as to whether or not you will allow us to use your information in this different manner.A notice will also be posted on our website notifying all users of the change.

Does Red Tricycle Collect Information From Children Under the Age of 13?

  • 红色三轮车网站面向普通观众,并非针对儿童或儿童使用。我们无意从13岁以下儿童收集个人身份信息。如果我们意识到13岁以下儿童已通过R提交个人身份信息Ed三轮车网站,未经事先可核实的家长同意,我们将从文件中删除这些信息。


  • While using this website,you may be linked or directed to other websites hosted by third parties.  For example,our website includes social media features,比如facebook的“like”按钮和“share”按钮。这些功能可以收集你的IP地址,你在我们的网站上访问哪个页面,and may set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly.红色三轮车不控制这些cookie的传播。此隐私政策不描述此类第三方的信息收集和披露实践。我们不控制,不负责,此类第三方或这些第三方网站的内容的隐私实践和政策。您与这些功能的交互受这些第三方隐私政策的约束。We encourage you to review the privacy policies and policies of such third parties.


This website is intended for users from the United States of America only.All matters relating to this site are governed by the laws of the State of California in the United States.If you are located outside of the United States and you contact us,请注意,您提供给我们的任何信息将被转移到美国,并且通过提交信息,您明确授权在美国境内转让和处理该信息。我们从您处收集的任何个人识别信息将根据本隐私进行处理。CY政策。


  • 加利福尼亚州法律赋予加利福尼亚州居民权利,要求我们发出通知,说明我们与第三方或关联方共享的个人可识别信息的类别,以便他们进行直接营销。通知将确定共享信息的类别,并将包括与之共享信息的第三方和关联方的列表,以及他们的姓名和地址。If you are a California resident and would like a copy of this notice,请通过以下“联系信息”一节中描述的一种沟通方式联系我们。请留出30天的时间进行回复。

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

  • 通过使用网站,您表示同意我们的隐私政策。If you do not agree with this privacy policy,please do not use our website.在发布这些条款的更改后,您继续使用本网站将意味着您接受这些更改。


  • We are very sensitive to your privacy concerns and welcome your feedback.  Please contact our Customer Service Team at admin@www.al-omran.com via email or at415.729.9781via phone if you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy.




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